Software creates DOCUMENTS folder on desktop

Every time I open a file in LO, the software creates a folder called DOCUMENTS and puts in on my desktop. I don’t like my desktop cluttered and don’t keep any icons on it. Moreover, I don’t store my files in a folder called DOCUMENTS. How can I disable this behavior? I delete the icon every time, but as soon as I open any other file in LO, it recreates it. I searched through the FAQ but have not been able to find anything, can somebody help?

What is your LibreOffice version?
Have you installed LibreOffice using some Software Updater program?
What is your setting in Tools->Options -> LibreOffice -> Paths -> Type: My Documents?
Have you every tried to run in LibreOffice’s Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode) and (if applicable) reset your LibreOffice user profile? (x64)
I installed this recently for the first time
I don’t think I explained clearly enough, because nobody seems to understand my question. Here, I’ll try again:
Every time I open a LO file (writer or calc), after I close it, I find that the software has put an icon called MY DOCUMENTS on my DESKTOP. I have set the path for my files to be C:\ComputerName\Travels. The software has no problem opening and saving the files where I want them. However, it ALWAYS creates a dummy folder on the desktop and calls it MY DOCUMENTS. If you try to open it, you’ll find out it is just a link to the \Windows\User\My documents and there is nothing in it. Since I don’t keep any icons on my desktop, I have to delete this icon only to watch it re-appear the next time I use LO. Obviously, somebody somewhere decided that it would be helpful to the USER to have a shortcut link to MYDOCUMENTS on the desktop, I understand the good intentions, but I want to disable this featur

Writer will default to the Document folder. Have you defined the folder you wish to use in the LibreOffice profile? On the Linux system you find it under TOOLS > OPTIONS > PATHS > MY DOCUMENTS > (folder name)

Hope that helps Peter

Thank you, Peter. I have defined the path and the folder where I want my files in TOOLS. And the software has no problem opening and saving files where I want them. Just that every time I use a file, it creates ON THE DESKTOP a folder called DOCUMENTS and I have to delete it, because I hate my desktop to be cluttered with stuff I don’t want. I am trying to find a way to prevent the program from creating this folder and dumping it on my desktop…In case you are wondering what’s in the folder, nothing, it is just a link to the Windows Documents folder, which I never use, thus I don’t need it, especially on my desktop. Do you understand what the problem is?

What path do you have for your Temporary files in Tools > Options > Paths > Temporary Files? User Profile gives the paths for the defaults. Cheers, Al

Some Windows applications now use the Documents folder to store information and not just documents, which is its initial and obvious purpose. So, I would expect there to be a Documents folder on your system. I agree you might not like to see the icon on the desktop. Can you not just remove the icon from the desktop?

Thanks, Al, the path for Temporary files is the same as the one for my files, i.e. C:\ComputerName\Travels

From your description it is not a folder but a shortcut. I have never had LO create a desktop shortcut to a folder where I store documents on any of my computers. There is an option to create a desktop shortcut to LO Starter during installation but you can untick that or delete the shortcut subsequently without it returning.

I have tested my installation Windows 10 , 1903, LO with Documents path set to C:/Update but no shortcut nor folder created on desktop.

Do you have more than one desktop running with a shortcut in each? Win+Ctrl+Right Arrow will cycle through desktops. Win+Ctrl+F4 will delete the current visible virtual desktop

Could it be malware or virus of some sort? It would seem to be fairly innocuous unless it were converting an actual folder or file to a shortcut.

Finally, there have been many Windows Updates recently, some caused different odd behaviour in each computer. Double reboots or further updates have resolved those issues, I think and hope.

Thanks, Al
It’s NOT a shortcut in as much as it does not have the little arrow indicating shortcut. I use Windows 8 PRO and no, I don’thave more than one desktop. I don’t think it’s a virus, since I have the latest Malware Bytes up at all times. Last, but not least, I don’t allow WIndows to update, due to its unreliable and often harmful behavior. I guess I will just continue to delete the folder everytime I see it on the desktop, i.e. every time I use LO. I have used Open Office for many years, but when it became too buggy, I was delighted to discover LO which has its own bugs, but it’s much better than OO. Thanks for your help.

You’re using the shortest-lived version of Windows ever made but you say that it’s LibreOffice that’s buggy?

BTW the shortcut arrow overlay can be turned off.

Thank you for your opinion, Al. Hey, there seems to be some misunderstanding: I did not ask anybody to approve of my life style or versions of software. I asked if anybody knows how to turn off the feature creating a folder on the desktop, I am sure that it is a feature, and not a bug. Thank you who replied. And Al, you seem to be awfully concerned with the virtues of Windows, kind of strange for a Linux person…

Do you actually have a defined folder on your Windows system called C:\Documents. As I said earlier this I beleive this is now used by applications as a general work folder. Perhaps you could make certain it exists before running LibO?

No, I don’t have a folder called C:\Documents.
I don’t want to have a folder called C:\Documents.
I have gone to Tools - Options - Paths and defined the two places where I have files and Temporary files as C:\FOLDERABC
The program does not have problems finding, opening and saving my files where I want them to.
It just creates a folder (it’s actually a shortcut, although it does not show the little arrow) called DOCUMENTS which is nothing but a link to the EMPTY AREA WINDOWS calls MY DOCUMENTS. I am sure this is a feature somebody thought was helpful, many people are using the MS Windows presets. Well, thanks anyway, I’ll keep deleting the shortcut after each use of LO.

I am not a Windows user, so I don’t have a C: drive. Why do you not try creating a folder called C:\Documents and then see if this can bypass the problem of the desktop icon being created? There must be a reason for this desktop creation. If you have the folder you do not have to use it yourself but delete desktop icon or move it out of the way.