Solid color or greyscale

In Calc for each entry there’s a somewhat complicated formula to give out a case id, upon which I currently base the conditional solid colors formatting upon. Currently the best case is shown in green and the 2nd best case in blue (the rest is default). For the best case, the related data is fixed. For the 2nd best case, the related data has a range and if possible I’d like it to be reflected; ie from blue in the lowest part of that bracket to teal for it’s highest part.

To recap: there’s currently 2 solid colors, and I’d like it to become 1 solid + 1 color scale.

Thank you kindly

ColorScale and DataBar aren’t actual ConditionmalFormats (overlaying a cellstyle) but special toys only subsumed under CF for reasons of UI slenderness. Therefore they cannot cooperate.
You may get something similar to what you asked for using two columns, one having assigned a ColorScale, the other one an ordinary CF.
See attachment: ask245350_1.ods

Is there a way for a cell to be a graphical copy of another? Perhaps when the original cell changes, there’s some kind of internal snapshot of it, and the referring cell shows that snapshot? That way I could add a column after what I’m currently having having that Color Scale then a column before what I currently have would choose to show either of those columns; in a more “graphical” way of explaining, ie col(umn) D currently has the conditional format, col E is added with Color Scale, both columns are moved to the right (from the insertion) becoming respectively E & F, and col D now gets the graphical content of either E & F.

The appearance of a cell is only created for the view (respectively for printing or when exporting). There is no permanent internal representation. (A sheet has 2^30 logical cells!)
In addition: The calculations needed to overlay attributes/special_appearance due to CF settings are only evaluated insofar as afflicted cells are inside the view. Otherwise CF would be too “expensive” (time-consuming) in many cases.