Solved : advice on deployment

Having worked with dBaseIV, VisualdBase 5, Oracle Designer, MS Access, I’m now finishing my first project in LO Base. While looking around for answers I came upon BASE doesn't show tables created with Firebird SQL (embedded).
I face similar problems. having used “alter table alter column” to get things done that wouldn’t work in LO Base design view, I find now that i have difficulty in getting a view on how a particular table is structured now. I understand that using a real Firebird server at creating the database allows me to use LO Base as a frontend, but have other tools to look in the database structure.
But taking into account that i develop the project in Mageia Linux, but the user is running it on Win 10, I think using the embedded option makes it easier to transfer the project between machines and environments. All i needed to do is install LO , copy the odb and odt (I use separate files for the forms) files and make changes to the LO options for database connection and macro trusted connection.
I wonder if things wouldn’t be more complicated if I were to use a Firebird server at the development and then transfer to another machine with another environment.
Any practical advice i would welcome.


There is yet another approach with Firebird. As with an HSQLDB split database (thus removing the DB from Base), this can also be done with Firebird. This is connecting Base to a Firebird File.

My answer here, how to split a firebird embedded database, provides a method to extract the DB from within Base. There is also a link to a method to make the two portable.

Now with the Firebird DB outside of the Base file, it can be accessed by a server. You can readily use other tools also.

Tx, I’ve bookmarked your procedure and keep it in mind whenever I start a new project.

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