BASE doesn't show tables created with Firebird SQL (embedded)

Hello, I’m a newbie with LO Base, trying to move from MS Access. I’m no expert in Access, but I do have considerable experience with enterprise DBMS (mostly Oracle), mainly on the design/modeling side, not so much as DBA.

In Base, I’ve created a table using Firebird (embedded) SQL (Tools > SQL…) The table doesn’t show up in the Tables list. In order to show the table, I must exit LO Base and come back in, then it’s visible in the Tables list.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way to get tables created with Firebird SQL to show right after creation?

If you’re wondering, I’m using SQL, rather than the LO Base Design View or wizard because I’m creating default timestamp columns (RecordCreateTMS and RecordUpdateTMS [still working on the latter]) and I want to create this in one CREATE statement instead of creating the table and then ALTERing the column(s).

One additional question: if I’ll be creating triggers and other database objects, is it better to use a standalone installation of Firebird and just connecting to it, rather than going through LO Base front end with the embedded Firebird?


When creating table with SQL, to have them displayed in the list it needs to be refreshed. Select Tables section. Then from the menu View->Refresh Tables.

Using Firebird embedded, connecting to a Firebird file or using a Firebird server is up to you and your needs. My opinion is that items such as Triggers are easier to deal with using a server.

Thanks Ratslinger, it seems I looked everywhere but there.

About server vs. file/embedded, are there are restrictions in embedded as opposed to server? For example, some keywords/tokens or functionality not available. I’m trying to “show table x” and getting a “Token unknown - show” error.

It seems to me, using a Firebird file via LO Base might be cumbersome, and some tasks might not be possible. Would I be correct in saying that? Thx

The situation with Firebird embedded in LO is that is still somewhat a work in progress. Not all functionality has been implemented and there is no timetable for this.

Firebird file is somewhat related to the embedded version as it uses the same SDBC connection - work in progress. “File” is misleading as it is the same as what is in a server DB.

The server DB is probably the best, although it may lack something in the Base connection (nothing specific can be quoted). In this instance, connection is best through JDBC Jaybird connector. Have gotten ODBC to work with the exception of any GUI table related functions (creation & maintenance will cause crashes or other problems). SQL from Base seems to work OK.

Have successfully used a DB created in a server in both "file and embedded mode. Doing this requires a broader understanding of everything involved. Some of this is posted on this site. Best to search “Firebird” for a variety of issues.

Ratslinger, thanks for all the info. Looks like I’ve got a whole lot of reading to do, but it seems to me that Firebird server is the way to go and use LO Base just a a front end for dev. I might also try out MariaDB but that one is new to me as well, though I’ve heard and read a lot of good about it.

You may want to take a close look at PostgreSQL. My personal choice.