[SOLVED] calc do calculate when pasting formula

If I enter following, A1=1 B1=2 A2=2 B2=2.
Then in for ex D1 I enter “=A1+B1”, I get answer 3. This is geat, just like I whant it.
But if I copy D1 and past in D2 I still get the number 3, but in the cell I can read “=A2+B2”, and that should be 4 not 3.

Any ide what is going on here?

Thank you for help.

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I get the formula
When you copy down rows, the row numbers in reference are incremented. I’m not sure how you got a B2 going row to row. Did you copy it to E2?

I copy D1, the cell where I manually entered “=A1+B1” then I paste it one row down in D2. The numbers in the formula are incremented up to “=A2+B2” just like expected. But what is not expected is that the result still is 3.

If I mark D2 with “=A2+B2” and manually enter “=A2+B2” I get result 4 as expected instead of 3.

My bad on formula. I misread.

I re did the setup: when I copy the D1 down to D2, I get the result of 4. I can’t explain why you got a 3. Try a ctrl-shift-f9 which is a hard recalculate.

For anyone else to help, I suggest you include your LibreOffice version and OS version.