[SOLVED] Cannot input diacriticals in any LO module

I can’t write diacriticals from any keyboard layout in LO documents, while in other packages (i.e. using different applications on the same machine) it is possible using the usual keyboard input and key-combi…
For instance:

  • typing ’ and then e, with no intervening space, become normally é
  • Similarly "i becomes ï (i+umlaut)
  • And "u become ü (u+umlaut)
  • etc.

This works everywhere where keyboard input is allowed on my Ubuntu 14.04.2 64bit platform, but not in LO.

Specifically it does not work in any LO document when, after opening the document (new or already existing), I have also opened any internal window via menu or anything at all.
In other words if I open any document and either scroll down/up and then write or type in immediately without opening dialogues or performing any command driven action, then the diacriticals get appear on screen.

I just upgraded from LO 4.2.3 to
The prbm appears in every module.
Before the upgrade and since Ooo 3.1, I had never encountered that problem.

Thanks for any help.

CASE CLOSED ! although unsatisfactorily because I cannot explain why.

By simply upgrading my kernel version from Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.1 v3.13 to Ubuntu Trusty point release 14.04.2 v3.16 and rebooting, the diacritical problem disappeared. Go figure. I can’t understand either why the kernel could have anything to do with that or why either the previous kernel or certain environment variables passed from the application to the shell or from the shell to the application could have been affected by an upgrade, however problematic the upgrade path was in my insignificant case.

The whole thing is a little irksome…