[solved] change-line-spacing for custom font style

A previous user ask how-do-i-change-my-line-spacing at

However I need to change the default line spacing for a particular font style… in this case I have a custome style for progam code which needs to be less than normal text style. Is there a why to do this without having to select each section of code and using the [F11] format tool?

Line spacing is part of the paragraph geometry. You need to define a paragraph style that uses the font (Font tab) and the line spacing (Indent & Spacing tab) you need. It is possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to any paragraph style (Tools → Customize → Keyboard tab) or even create a custom toolbar (Tools → Customize → Toolbars tab) that apply that particular style: for an example of custom toolbars, see my “DAE-16 template.”

Thanks for the help. I am new to Open Office (Phasing out MS Office before they discontinue Win7) and didn’t see the difference between character and paragraph styling. After porting my template I found my “code” style under character and did not realize it was also under “paragraph”. I don’t recall MS Office treating them separate…

Although text formatting possibilities are the same in both families, character styles act only on font properties and line position (super- and subscript proportions). Paragraph styles define the geometry of the paragraph within its context (spacings on all sides, text flow, outline and numbering, …). They also define a default character style.

You can apply a specific character style on a sequence inside the paragraph to change the appearance of the sequence.