(Solved) Creating stationary title for columns and rows in Calc

I am building a roster of all the equipment owned by a railroad I am researching. This roster includes things such as the locomotive number, the builder, the builder number, the number of wheels and their arrangement and a host of other things.

Along the top is the category titles: Number, Status, Builder, etc. In the “A” column is the equipment’s number. What I need to know how to do it is setup my Calc Sheet to leave the A Column in position, and allow all the other columns to scroll under it.

I also need to have the first 6 rows remain in position at the top of the screen while scrolling down the sheet. I need these to allow me to work in the sheet far down in the table, while keeping each of the column & row title cells visible for me to know which column I’m in.

Can I do this, or is this one feature I need to go back to Excel for?

Go to B7 and Menu/Windows/Freeze

Excellent! Who knew it was so simple? Thank you very much!!!