[solved] hyperlink() vs insert hyperlink

I have a spreadsheet with links to other spreadsheets.

I have noted that there is a huge difference in performance according to how I handle the hyperlink: inserting it as Edit → Insert → Hyperlink works very well and superfast. But if I add it as a function, ie = hyperlink(URL,“text in the cell”) it works surprisingly much much slower.

Is this a bug or it is just related to internal evaluation of the function?

I would love to trust the hyperlink as inserted from the Edit menu, but I had a big spreadsheet with links and it started crashing due to the links. Maybe it was due to the fact that the spreadsheet was originally created with OpenOffice, but just in case I want to make sure that it will not crash again, that is why I looked for another way to have links to other files in my spreadsheet.

Bug or not?

[Edit: I am using LibreOffice My OS is Windows 7 64 bits. The document format is ods.]

I found the answer, just by chance. Let’s say you want to put a hyperlink in cell A1, pointing to “test.ods” which is in the “c:\Data” folder.

The problem was not related to the hyperlink function but rather to how the path is passed to the function.

SLOW: “C:/Data/test.ods”
FAST: “file:///C:/Data/test.ods”

For some reason the hyperlink() function does not complain if you just use the “raw” path, but when you click there it takes ages (like if you were opening Calc for the 1st time in your day). Instead, if you add the “file:///” string before the path, it opens superfast.

So, that was the reason.

If you encounter a crash with a file you should report that in a bug report


That said, which version of LibreOffice are you using, what is the format of your document (ods or xls), what is your OS?