[solved] - is it possible to assign keyboard shortcuts working for dev-version?

hi all,

to test new LO Versions i have a ‘developer / development version’ installed aside my productive program. in c:\programme… and in c:\programme(x86)… (german win surface)

they work fine besides each other, either toogeling which i use as well by opening one file with one and another with the other program - very helpful!

what doesn’t work is to assign keyboard shortcuts (to start a macro) working for the dev-version, also not when it’s the only active prog.

when i go to tools-customize-keyboard and select a macro the buttons to ‘modify’ or ‘delete’ a key stay greyed out as you can see in attached screenshot.

that blocks me from more intensive testing / trying real productive work with the dev-version :frowning:

on actions as load or save a ‘keyboard-definition-file’? or other ‘tries’ from this screen LO often crashes due to an ‘unexpected error’. (LO has also ‘expexted errors’ built in?)

any help appreciated,



You have found a regression introduced on Mar 11th - filed tdf#124196. Thanks.

Wrt “expected errors”: yes, LO has expected errors. E.g., trying to open any file, LO tries all available filters to find a matching one; and each non-matching filter failing and returning an error is expected. So “expected/unexpected” is an internal thing; possibly the user-visible message wording could be improved. Submitted tdf#124197 for that.

thks, will mark the question answered once there is a working version available …

works better now (ver. 2019-03-22), the issue not being able to save the configuration remains, see filed bug,


it was a temporary problem caused by a ‘regression’ in the code, i just checked Version: (x64), and all these issues look gone,

thks to the developers,