SOLVED libreoffice crashes immediately after startup or opening a document

I’m currently running Libreoffice build on windows 10
I noticed a problem while trying to open a document in writer. When opening the document or even just running the program it would freeze and then crash if you came here for the same problem then you came to the right place. I noticed while the program is running right before they crash their windows counter parts like word, excel etc that come pre loaded on the OS as office did not take kindly to Libreoffice when it tried running and a windows background program killed the process. I went through Libreoffice to find out why and found a solution to the problem at least for me you guys should give it a try to if your having the same problem. When you start Libreoffice and come to the main window go to the top three option and click tools and a drop box will come down click on options, the options window should open up in the middle of the screen when that opens select general from the left column. The general options should pop up on the right. In the general options if you look all the way at the bottom the last option will say
:ballot_box_with_check: Perform check for default file association on start-up
uncheck that option
☐ Perform check for default file association on start-up
and click Apply then OK and that should do it.
Here is an image of the steps LO-FIX — ImgBB Hope this helps :wink:

FTR: the function is introduced in tdf#45735.

Grateful for this little nugget. LO did respond much less clunkily, but it eventually crashed again, albeit after a much longer time…this is driving me crazy!!

The issue of crashing on opening or soon after, especially during scrolling, is more likely to be a graphics issue.

Click Tools - Options - LibreOffice - View and tick the box that’s says Force Skia software rendering