[Solved] Mail merge labels all getting the same data

I have a page of labels that need to be sequentially numbered. I used the Labels wizard to create the label format and generate the page. The page correctly shows all my labels, except that all the labels contain the same number! The datasource is correct: a spreadsheet column containing sequential numbers fro 2301 to 2400. The field I have embedded in the label is the correct one (there is only one field in the datasource anyway).

To save me going completely bonkers, could someone please suggest what I could try in order to zero in on the problem? I am sure it is something I have done, or not done, but I have exhausted all my ideas. "8-[

By the way: Fedora 26 Linux x86_64; LibreOfficeDev


Probably you did not insert the Next Record field: InsertFieldMore FieldsDatabase tab


It turns out the merge gets screwed up if I load the master document then start scrolling through the records by using the left and right arrows in the mail merge toolbar. If I leave them alone and trust the merge to work without me checking first, it works! Feels like a bug. Smells like a bug. Looks like a bug, but people a lot smarter than I have written the code so I will assume it is a “Feature” not a “Bug”.

If it feels like a bug, smells like a bug, looks like a bug, then it most probably is the bug, and it should be filed to Bugzilla. Everyone can make a mistake, and one of the biggest mistakes that users of LibreOffice often do is to not try to inform about their problems/found issues and thus not improve LibreOffice.

The most scary thing that may happen when you file a bug is it being closed with an explanation, which is good itself, I suppose.