[SOLVED] setting new default for "Alignement" tab's "Text direction" [closed]

Hi: everytime I open a new document in Writer, the first thing I need to do is:

  • editParagraph properties,
  • select the Alignment tab, and
  • change the Text-to-text Properties from either “Use superordinate object settings” or “Right-to-left” to “Left-to-right”

Is there a way I can change the default setting to a new default value of “Left-to-right”, once for all, so opening a new document in Writer does not entail repeating that gymnastics ? Thanks.

It is not required to add a [SOLVED] stanza to the title. The indicator of “solution exists” it the green check mark on an answer. And it is also not required to “[closed]” or close an answer.


yes - do your initial steps as described in your question and then:

  • File -> Templates -> Save as Template
  • Add a Template Name (e.g. MyWriterDefault)
  • Select a Template Category (e.g. My Templates)
  • Important Tick [x] Set as default template
  • Click Save button
  • Close your Writer document (you don’t need to save it once more)
  • Open a new Writer document and check whether your new setting got applied.

Hope that helps