[SOLVED] Show drop down list based on user input


i have created a spreadsheet with 2 sheets. On 1 sheet i have the data and on the second i have a form for the user to fill it. I have created 2 drop-down lists ( and named them list-1 and list-2) based on the data from the 1st sheet, now what i want to do is on the 2nd sheet on the cell B1 if the A1 cell is 1 then show the list-1 if it is 2 then show list-2.

Is there a way to do this.

Thanks in advance.


To describe it better. I have 1 drop down list where i have the phone brand ex. Samsung, Iphone etc. on the other drop down i have the samsung models ex Galaxy, Note etc. and on another i have the Iphone models X,Xmax etc.

Do you mean you want to hide one of the drop-down list based on the value of cell A1? Either you described your idea poorly and I did not understand it, or you chose too difficult a path to implement a simple scenario of work. In any case, it is best if you edit your question and attach a sample of your spreadsheet to it.

well what i want is based on the value of cell A1 to show one of the drop down lists

Okay, I get it - you are looking for something similar to this

thanks, that’s what i was looking for !!