(Solved) Sum of cells between dates LibreOffice Calc

I am trying to figure out a way to automatically total amounts for every Quarter so I need to figure out a cell formula that only make a sum of cells between certain days.

I don’t know all the operators, and script or programming options but here’s some pseudo code for kinda what I’m trying to do.

PSEUDO CELL FORMULA (A column is Dates, D Column is Currency Values)



For Each { **CELL** in **CELL_RANGE**
 if (**CELL** date is >= *Quarter Start date* &  **CELL** date is <= *Quarter End Date*)  then
     // Date is in the Quarter
     // E.G. get the deposit from that day
    **ADD_VALUE**=Get a different column value from the same row 
     //Add the deposit to the total
    // Date is NOT in the Quarter Do Nothing
Return **TOTAL**

Updated Original Post.

You can’t the function in that way, criterias are not well formed.


Thank you for the example and the link to the help. It was very helpful thank you.
I did change things up a bit after reading the help and added 2 cells (G5, and G7) so I can change the dates by just plugging in new numbers.


MIN(G5)? Why the MIN? you are executing a function that finds a minimum of several passed values, and you are passing only a single value there, thus just slow down the formula.