[Solved]What is the difference between Export option(source code) of BrOffice 3.0 and LibreOffice 4.2?


I am trying to export bitmap images at LibreOffice 4.2 with the following properties: 640x480 pixels, 75 pixels/inch and no RLE compression as i did at BrOffice 3.0 but i haven’t had the same result. I realized that there is a deformation around the border of any colored rectangle. New varied colors are showed if zoom it.

How can i solve this deformation? is there a better resolution for this size (640x480 pixels)? Could that problem be related with smooth filter?

BrOffice 3.0 result: Resultado BrOffice.png

LibreOffice 4.2 result: Resultado LibreOffice.png


For others “BrOffice 3.0” is a pt-BR locale version of LO v3.0. This early version shipped with a separate About graphic showing the indicated naming.

I solved the problem by code !

I changed the value of MediaType which requires “image/x-MS-bmp” at BrOffice 3.0 to “image/bmp” at LibreOffice 4.2.
Then, there is not more deformation.

If anyone has a similar problem, that’s a point to start.