[Solved] writer macro for extending selection from table to paragraph before and after table

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thanks @ajlittoz

In question 223599/writer-macro-for-extending-selection-from-table-to-paragraph-before-and-after-table I posed the problem described by the title that @mikekaganski had given a solution to
Subsequently, after having closed the question, I had found an alternative solution that I propose here since I cannot reopen the closed discussion (it takes more than 200 karma to do this)

sub selectTable1(sTable)   

  Dim oD, oTab, oCell, oTC1, oVC
  oD = ThisComponent 
  oTab = oD.getTextTables().getByName(sTable)
  oVC = oD.getCurrentController().getViewCursor()
  oCell = oTab.getCellByPosition(0, 0) 
  oVC.gotoRange(oCell, false)
  oVC.goup(1, false)
  oCell = oTab.getCellByPosition(oTab.columns.count-1, oTab.rows.count-1 )
  oVC.gotoRange(oCell, false) 
  oVC.goDown(1, false)  

End Sub

Thanks to @ajlittoz per the explaining the correct procedure to me.

I hope it is correct now.

(yes, I just edited the link to make it nicer)