Some borders get wrong size in pdf generating from Calc!

An *.ods table was created in older office version (3.5 … if i’m not mistaken). An “Export directly in PDF” tool had been succesfuly used till LO version has been updated (and now it is 4.0.4). Now when converting to PDF, whether using earlier signed tool or a printing dialog (where PDF printer is selected), some borders get smaller size in PDF generated (see pic2 in shared zipped files) than it is in a Print Preview (see pic1).
Here are the pictures (type right https and “.” instead “dot” and / instead * to make a link available):

docs dot google dot comfiled0B49Phq-HP8tCQUcxTHFsLWRRd2Medit?usp=sharing

Refering to comment24 at this service ( bugs.freedesktop =60280 ) I installed some daily build:


It didn’t work in LOdev also!
Where did I go wrong when using daily build? Is this problem solvable at all? Thank you.

Do a try, changing the option in:

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/View . Graphics. Anti-Aliasing

Thanks for responding. I disabled an “anti-aliasing” option as it was switched along with Hardware Acceleration option. But it didn’t work neither at LO nor at LOdev versions. Then I tried different variants of changing a.-aliasing and hardware Acc. options. All the same!! The only change I’ve noticed since I had updated LO from 3.6 to 4.0.4. is that the “Export directly in PDF” button and Print with Adobe PDF give a different PDF outputs. When I use “Export directly in PDF” button an output PDF file has almost every second border (mostly horisontal) corrupted (lines are very pale and invisible on paper). But using menu File - Print with the Adobe PDF printer gives more or less good quality of the output: printing this PDF gives also different (but visible) border line width but the frame border of the table is still invisible on paper.

The temporary solvation to have a good PDF copy of the Calc table is to create an *.xps file first and convert it to PDF then.