Some eps not shown in Impress on Windows

I’m experiencing a strange problem with importing eps files on Impress. For Linux version ( everything works well. Opening the same presentation on Windows I realized, that instead of eps grafics only frames with some meta information as eps creator, language level etc are shown. Updating LO from 4.x.x to latest Fresh did not solve the problem. Importing the same eps on Windows results in the same behaviour. Back on Linux, all the imported eps (also those imported on Windows) are shown. Moreover, there are some esp files which also work on Windows…

What might be a reason for such a strange behaviour of LO on Windows an how the problem could be solved?

There are numerous problems with EPS handling in LO but the main enhancement to get local native handling is tdf#67464.

EDIT: Bug tdf#67634 is reported for MacOS and a different context but the main issue (display of metadata in place of the graphic) is the same.