Some extensions won't load. Help?

Hi there. I am fairly new to Linux, but not to computers.

I recently installed Linux Mint Debian Edition 32-bit Cinnamon edition on my Acer TravelMate 2420 laptop. When trying to add extensions into Libre Office (Version:, Build ID: 410m0(Build:2), some install fine, but others give me an error message, like this one:

( { { { Message = “Binary URP bridge disposed during call”, Context = ( @-4eb86870 } } }

The same extensions worked just fine when I had Lubuntu 14.04 installed on the same laptop (though I couldn’t tell you what version of Libre Office was in Lubuntu).

Has anyone seen this before? Any idea how to fix this?

The extensions that cause this problem are as follow:

Grammalecte(pack) 5.2

Linguist 1.5.1 integration 0.1.4

Pyton Calender for Calc 4.0.1