Some Mathematics

Something looks strange to me.
The LibreOffice 6.3.1 Multilingual file size after downloading is 199 MB (properties).
After extracting this file with “7Z” program, I get folder size 3.15 MB only.
Where are the rest MB.
What am I missing ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Which version of 7-zip do you use? Some older versions of it only displayed/extracted MSI tables, not files.

Generally, it’s recommended to use msiexec -a LibreOffice_X.Y.Z_Win_xNN.msi to extract it properly.

EDIT: sorry, was biased, and @anon73440385 is perfectly right. Of course: which is the OS and the package?

Sorry - deleted my comment, since all of a sudden my original comment appears to be the comment of somebody not skilled enough to talk about the issue after I saw your comment (just added to make clear why you are referencing me).

OS is win 10 pro 1803 x64.
7-z version is 19.oo.
File “LibreOffice 6.3.1 Multilingual” downloaded from “Portable App Directory (over 400 free) -”.

This post doesn’t answer your question and is disrespectfully, indirectly stating search on your own the file I’ve downloaded

Agree with @anon73440385. Take into account that PortableApps is a separate project independent of LibreOffice; its installer is not something TDF/LibreOffice team creates. And “7-z” (is that 7-zip? or something different?) is yet another independent project. So your question boils down to this: “I try to extract a package made outside of this project with an application unrelated to this project, and don’t get the expected result. Where’s the problem?”

Having said that, I have tested the PortableApps packages from Index of /libreoffice/old/, and my 7-zip application v.19.00 (x64) shows them to have more than 1 GB inside.