Some of my Calc documents are edited immediately after opening them

This started to happen a few weeks ago, and it’s really annoying.

Previous to this, when I opened these documents the “save” icon would be disabled until I would edit something. This is normal behaviour.

Now, when I open them, the save icon is active immediately upon start, and if I close the documents I’ll be prompted if I want to save it.

I know for a fact this does not affect all documents. Is there a way to fix them? Maybe there is a cell somewhere that’s linked to external data that’s causing this? How can I find it and remove it?



Check if you have added charts into the document in that timespan.

Thank you Mike! It is that bug indeed. Before I read your answer I did go further to notice it was the graphs that were triggering the issue.

Btw, I grabbed the latest .deb files from here:

The issue is still present with that version of LO. Not sure if it contains your fix…

Well, it does. But as mentioned in the issue, my fix seems to not fix everything. I just reverted a change that made it worse, it seems.

Thank you for your efforts on this. It’s a bit disheartening to see it was opened back in 2010 and still coming up since.

Bug is closed. No issue present at LibreOffice (x86).