Somehow I have French context sensitive menuitems?

When I right click in Explorer to create a new file, the LO options are in French. ftw!? How did French get there? I do have the French language installed in LO because sometimes I need it, but I don’t want a bunch of French showing up on my computer elsewhere please. I’m running LO under W7 pro SP1.

It almost appears that LO loaded a DLL containing French onto my system. How can I get rid of it? I’ve been running LO with the French language installed for a few years and this is the first time I’ve observed it putting French in my OS menuitems. I think that’s creepy.

What’s worse is that this W7 box is brand new, so the problem just occurred during the last month. My older XP boxes running LO do not have French showing up on them. But XP supt is going away so I’m moving all our computers to W7. I don’t want French showing up all over our computers as I retire XP.