Something not right with the newest "still" version of libreOffice

The other day I decided to go ahead and upgrade from Version: to 5.2.5.

After I did so, files opened painfully slow. Most noticeable on large spreadsheets. I have one particular file that has a lot of history in it. When I would go to open it, I would stare at a blank screen for a good 30 to 45 seconds before the file came up. I never had that issue on my old version.

My fix was to uninstall the 5.2.5 and reinstall - problem gone - everything now loads like it did before the upgrade.

Not sure what’s happening in the 5.2.5 but something’s amiss. I am not running a “state of the art” computer, but it’s not weak either. running an i5 with 8 gigs RAM and 3.30 ghz cpu, on Windows 7 pro.

So what might have happened?

File a bug describing the performance regression at, and attach a sample file where the problem is reproducible. Don’t forget to replace any sensitive info with random data.

Also, please check if the same problem is reproducible with version 5.3.