Sometimes there's a toolbar that appears for some reason

It’s very annoying to be closing it now and then, so I’d like to know why is this happening and how to prevent them to appear again. They appear in Writer, Calc an Impress even when I close them over and over again.
The toolbars are from the extensions Writer2xhtml, Writer2Latex and TexMaths

Use menu:View>Toolbars>… to turn them off.
Or disable the extensions in menu:Tools>Extension manager

I can confirm that this hides the toolbar for some days, but not forever, which is my goal. Is there any way to hide them?

That toolbar belongs to some extension. If you don’t want to use it, remove the extension. If you don’t want to use it right now, disable the extension.

I can’t disable it, it’s an extension that allows me to export the document into “.tex”, this is why I don’t want any toolbar, but I want to have the extension installed because it’s handy since I use LaTeX sometimes