Sometimes TOC includes itself. Not wanted.

In one book of a trilogy (all supposed to be identical format, of course) the TOC includes itself (page i) as its first line. The other two books ignore the TOC when in the TOC.

Diligent searching fails to reveal the “don’t include me in TOC” option.

BTW, this line intrudes if I ask for just the first level (chapter names) or the first three levels (chapter names plus names of scenes within chapters).

This can only happen if the TOC title or TOC elements are erroneously “styled”. Did you try to change TOC formatting via some paragraph style? Or did you change the set of styles used to collect the headings?

If you’re not familiar with these concepts or procedure, attach to your question (use edit for that) a sample file exhibiting the problem (2-3 pages should be enough).

I’ve used Heading 1 to style chapter names in my TOC, Heading 2 for main scenes, Heading 3 for minor scenes. As I work I regularly flip the TOC from one to three levels. The errant scene appears in the TOC both ways.

So what determines which scene forms go in the TOC?


Attach a sample 2-3 pages file to your question for analysis.