Sorry, again: Cursor position not on last position when saving; SHIFT+ F5 not working

Linux Mint 21.1 Ubuntu 22.04
Libre Office
After upgrading to LM 21.1. and LO the cursor in LO Writer no longer appears at the last editing position when opening a document, but at the beginning of the document.

I looked up in the documentation and heeded various hints from the net:

  1. in TOOLS - OPTIONS - LIBRE OFFICE-User Data user data is entered and “Use data for document properties” is activated.
  2. in FILE - PROPERTIES “Use user data” is activated.

The cursor does not jump to the last editing position. SHIFT + F5 also has no effect.

Have I overlooked/forgotten something?

Thanks for any help!

Translated from German with (free version)

You save as odt or docx? That seems to matter.

Maybe the two items in this reply to a similar question will help, Still waiting for a workable response for having a document open to last edit position - #7 by Lupp

Thanks, @anon87010807 , for answering!

It’s an ordinary odt.