Sort A/Z issue with images

In Spreadsheet, I have columns A-E with alphanumerical values and in column F I have images.
When trying to sort by columns, I get the usual option to extend the selection, so the rows remain intact, but it does not include column F with the images.

  1. Why is column F not included?
  2. What needs to be done so it is included?

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Before sorting, have you selected columns A-F or only column A?

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Did you anchor your images to cell (Right click -> Anchor -> To Cell)? If not, that may be the reason (of course assuring that column F is part of the range to be sorted).

Anchoring the images to their cells doesn’t make any difference, I had tried that earlier.
I’m not creating a photo album, I’m creating a spreadsheet, however each row is supposed to have an image.
I don’t want to change the positions of the images, I want them to remain with their respective row when I sort by column.

The Cells of a Calc spreadsheet can not have images. The images are anchored to the CELLs, but not to the Cell Contents. The images are located on a graphic layer of the Sheet.

And only the Cell Contents will be sorted but not the Cells. The Cell A1 always will be stayed in the position A1.

You need a macro to change the position of the pictures.

In my opinoin, the Calc is not the best tool to create a photoalbum.

You need set image anchor in cell

image description

Finally got it to work.

Yes, the images must be anchored to the cell.
But even after that, it only works when you lock row 1.