Sort Calc Data on Multiple columns each with custom order?

Hey all,
I have a calc file where I have implimented several custom sort orders
What I want to do is

Sort by Column C with Custom Order A (Column is Text)
Then by Column F with Non Custom Order (Column is Numbers)
Then by Column E with Custom Order B (Column is Text)

From google it looks like Excel can achieve this because Excel allows you to select custom order for each column you sort by.
Libre office Doesn’t seem to support this

Hence My question is Is there any way to achieve this?

True, individual custom sort orders can not be specified, one custom sort order can be used on several columns though and is ignored if the column’s data doesn’t match the custom sort, i.e. numbers are sorted numerically.

So, if the data of two columns does not belong to the same set then a custom sort order can be specified that includes both sets of items to be sorted.