Sort user-defined index

I am trying to sort a user-defined index numerically.

I have the following type entries in the text:

1 Samuel 16:7 (NLV)
But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at the way he looks on the outside …

1 Samuel 2:22-25 (NIRV)
Eli was very old. He kept hearing about …

1 Samuel 15:19 (NIV)
"He who is the Glory of …

I have a user-defined index for 1 Samuel. Entries are just the numbers.

1 Samuel
16:7	... 76 
2:22-25	... 82 
15:19 	... 86

I would like to sort it alphabetical, but can find no sort option.

the index would then look like this

1 Samuel
2:22-25	  ... 82
15:19 	  ... 86
16:7	  ... 76

When I select the index, table and tool sort options are not available and there is no option in the index setup to specify the type of sort. It seems like at one time I was able to do this by selecting the table and do a sort (although I would lose it if I updated the index.)

I apologize if I have missed something in the documentation.

Thank you for your help.

It appears it is sorted, just not numerically. (It seems it treats the colon as before 1.)

Seems it is no possible modify the index type.

I think the way is delete the index, then creating a new one allows select the type.