Sorting entries over several sheets

LibreOffice Version (64)
If I want to look up all the entries of a specific expense category over every month, can that be done?
I have a nice spreadsheet of 13 sheets, one for totals of all expenses and income each month, and there is 1 sheet for each month, for our house-hold bank account. The spread sheet covers the bank account only for the running of the house, not personal spending. There are four family members who pay into that bank account and live in the house. I work from the bank statement and input each month. So, if at the end of the year, I want to see a list of all the expenses spent on say, maintenance during the year, can that be done?

Sorting data across sheets is not possible.

The solution would be to not split data into months but keep all records on one sheet and then use the Pivot Table functionality to sort and accumulate in various ways.

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