Sorting one column full of data into columns of 200 rows

I have a massive column of data in Calc and I need to sort it into something more manageable like 200 rows in 4 columns. Is there any easier way to do this instead of manually selecting 200 rows, cut and paste into separate columns? And if there is, is there a way to separate the 200 rows with an empty row for the next 200 rows in the same columns?

EDIT: So now I’m looking into using macros but the cells that’s specified in the script point to very specific cells that would’ve already had data in them. I’ve pretty much got it to select, cut, paste (x4), HIDE pasted rows of data and delete empty rows.
Any idea on how to set it so the row is the start of what ever row isn’t hidden?

I would prefer to describe the task as one of rearranging contents instead of sorting.

IMO, it’s not a big problem to rearrange the data: To use them subsequently may be one. You cannot match anything against a 2D-range, you cannot sort it, and I’m failing to see anything you can do with the rearranged data with reasonable effort, except something like adding them.

I would expect 4 columns of 200 rows each to be much less manageable than one column with 800 entries.

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