SOS writer adds non-stop rows out of the blue

Ununtu 14.04

Hey there i’m new with LibreOffice/Linux and I need your help!!

I was working with a table with two columns, when suddenly Writer started to add rows like crazy! The only way to stop it was to open a different program’s window (like chromium). I was not typing or even touching the keyboard -so it can’t be my clumsiness this time- and it happened twice yesterday and today, so far once, some seconds ago…

Can somebody help me, please? I’m trying to translate and there are so many changes that I can’t even undo everything -i think some parts of my text have disappeared as well… :frowning:

Thank you so much in advance! :wink:

It sounds bizarre - and a little scary! It sound a lot like a stuck key - but you seem to have ruled that out. Can you tell us which flavour of Linux you’re using? For the moment, of course you’ll want to work from a copy of your file, and save frequently! How might switching windows/programs have stopped the “line production”. Very … odd …

That sounds like a stuck key (doesn’t have to be visibly stuck). That is definitely not a LibreOffice or Linux bug. If you are on a desktop PC your best bet is to get another keyboard to test. If you are on a laptop you are out of luck. You will need to send it for repair.

In any case you should close the document without saving (better loose some work than the whole document)…

I agree with @Pedro1 's stuck key because I cannot imagine that such a behavior is triggered by a key combination without a macro behind.