Sound from "mp3" format" to "OLE"

Recently, when I import a mp3 sound in the lastest version of impress, it turns OLE when I’m trying to open it in another version (In my personnal PC it says mp3, it doesn’t do that in school) Can someone please help me please ? (it’s urgent I need that before friday…)

Not necessarily bad. If it works, don’t fix it. (You didn’t say anything about the audio playing or not on either platform.) See notes below.

First I have questions

  • Which version is specifically your “lastest version”? (At any given time there are two generations of the suite offered as “current versions” for download, and they are subject to change version regularly.)
  • Which version is specifically “another version”? (Maybe not important, but could be.)
  • What operation(s) do you perform to display the sound format (OLE vz. mp3)?
    • Right click in your presentation?
    • Hover mouse pointer over the placeholder/object?
    • Something else?

A few things to note

- Note that mp3 is an audio encoding scheme, or “sound file format” if you will, while OLE is a way for apps to integrate or “package” objects which are not handled “internally” in the app. Normally OLE makes use of “default handler” helper apps. It is normal that an mp3 file can be OLE packaged.

- Side note: The mp3 “format” is itself a packaging for either MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 formats. This kind of multilevel packaging is a common strategy in the digital world to facilitate compatibility between data types and processes.

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The problem here is that the mp3 audio works but not the OLE one (it can’t work)
Then, for your questions :

  • Mine is
  • I thought “OLE” was the another version of the audio…
  • I just go in “insertion” and to sound or video… (sorry I don’t know much about Libre office and I thank you for helping me !)

I’m really happy about finding someone who can helps. Thanks for your answer !