sound to powerpoint

So, this is what happens: I have made an presentation in Impress and inserted sound with every slide using the Insert - Audio option. All working very fine. File is saved in .odp format and each time it is opened and the presentation is ran the sound is played perfectly. Then I decide I have to save the file in .ppt format as I have to send it to coworkers who only have MS-Office at their disposal. But the moment I save the file using the .ppt format the link with the sound files get lost. The same happens with saving as .pptx. To be very clear, this happens on the same Kubuntu 16.04 device within the very same LibreOffice on which the presentation was made in the first place, so before sending it to any Windows device.

Now all over the internet including this forum people have asked this question, but somehow I have not found a real solution. Maybe I have overlooked it, or maybe this problem will only be solved if and when the EU has forced Microsoft into submission, but if there is a solution or a work around I would be most grateful if someone could provide it. Would be great!