Spacing in numbered list with "sub-numbering" in Writer

Hello, I want to create a numbered list with top level points 1, 2, 3 etc., first sub-level points 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc., and sub-sub-level points a, b, c etc., roughly like so:

1. ...
      1.1. ....
           a) ...
2. ...

The first “Outline” option offered to me by LibreOffice seems like it should conform to this. However, when I try to use it, it gives me an odd spacing at the first sub-level (1.1. etc.), with a large gap between “1.1.” and the text (see attached screenshot).

I’ve tried various settings in the “paragraph” window and tabs settings to correct this without success (the default paragraph settings are shown in the screenshot). Can anyone tell me what settings should give a better looking spacing?

I’m using LibreOffice

The left indent of a paragraph with a list of any kind is determined by the list, not by the paragraph. Your problem comes from the fact that numbering is separated by a tab defined by the list and sub-levels “run out of space” for such tab so the text jumps even more. It’s important to note that tabs defined by the numbering scheme “win” over those defined on the paragraph style, so you need to check the list settings, not the paragraph settings.

On this article I explain how alignment of lists work on Writer:

Numbered and bulleted lists alignment on LibreOffice Writer

OK thanks RGB-es, that was helpful. OK, to spell out how I got the list to look well-spaced to my eye, I right-clicked the text, selected Bullets and Numbering, then the “Position” tab, and set the values to:

Level 1:
aligned at 0.64cm,
tab stop at 1.27cm,
indent at 1.27cm

Level 2:
aligned at 1.27cm,
tab stop at 0.95cm,
indent at 2.22cm

Level 3:
aligned at 2.22cm,
tab stop at 2.80cm,
indent at 2.80cm

I don’t understand why, in order to get the second line of the text at each level left-aligned with the first line, the “indent at” value needs to be the sum of the “aligned at” and “indent at” values for level 2 but equal to the tab stop values for levels 1 and 3, but this is how I found it needed to be.

I’d like to warn you against using right-click+Bullets & Numbering because you end up with built-in styles which are difficult to control. It is much better to style your paragraph with one of Numbering n paragraph styles. Don’t forget to associate this para style to one “list” style Numbering n. You then customize “list” style Numbering n to your liking.