Spam in comments

Is there a way to delete or flag a comment that contains a spam link?

Please help. I need this to submit my university essays. How do I add space before a paragraph? contains a comment with such a link; I edited out the link but can’t remove the comment


click the x in the right upper corner of the offensive comment. According to your karma is far beyond the 200 karma points required to do so.

image description

Thanks @anon73440385; I can’t believe I missed that. Perhaps as I have been told in jest, my eyes are in fact painted on.

I wonder if the last added “answer” is spam or a thoughtful slightly out-of-topic remark in the same question.

In doubt, I flag it offensive.

Well, the core question was:

way to delete or flag…

The answer is valid, in my opinion.

@gabix: I see someone has deleted the questionable answer. As far as I can remember, it was allready marked twice as “offensive”.

Do you mean there was another answer? Then why leave a comment here, not there?

@gabix: because the question above has a link to a spam-comment as an example. A comment was indeed attached to the questionable answer and it disappeared with answer removal.

I have since deleted the questionable comment which was associated with the existing answer by BrianRoper.