Special characters menu not displaying in Writer

I upgraded to on Ubuntu 18.10 this morning. Now the Special Characters (or special sorts, as we call them in the trade) aren’t available. The ‘favourite characters’ appear in a pop-up window - none of which I use particularly often. When I click the ‘more characters’ button, this is what I get.

I use the special sorts constantly in my work. I will have to uninstall the latest version and revert to the stable release. Please notify me when this bug is rectified, so I can continue working. (This has cost me £30 in lost working time today, incidentally.)

It’s good to know that the software can be worth at least £30 a day for an individual. Being installed to millions of systems, it is granted that all those people would recognize the value of the tool, and the donations flow is granted…

But it’s strange to read when someone uses a version that is not recommended for business-critical tasks, exactly to perform business-critical tasks.

This is not to substitute a real problem discussion with some fingerpointing. But the last parenthesized clause of the question is clearly off-topic here in otherwise real problem description, which should likely be filed to bug tracker.

As @mikekaganski suggests, it is v6.1.5 that you want, not 6.2.0. Please let us know if that fixes the problem.

Appears to have reported as tdf#123843. The cost there appears to have risen to £50. Can’t reproduce the problem on my Linux-Mint system with 6.2 or 6,1 Perhaps he need to reset the profile?