Special user defined list with letters

Hallo all,
Listenvorlage_Susanne.odt (96.5 KB)
I need the following outline list

  1. Number for Level 1
    a) letter for level 2
    aa) letter with no dots for level 3 - like shown in the customize windows
    aaa) letter wth no dots for level 4
    I set the following- thi is my list:
    1. Level 1 with digit
    2. Level 2 with kl. Letter and parenthesis
    3. Level 3: 2 kl. Letters without a dot , should: aa)
    4. Level 4: 3 kl. Letters without a dot , should: aaa)
      It don’t looks like in the customize Window: There it’s aa, … aa… aaa- without a dot between the a.

I asked this question at the end of the week on the German user list. Unfortunately, no one could help me, so I’ll try again on this English-speaking, much larger list.
here [de-users] benutzerdefinierte Liste – The Document Foundation Mailing List Archives
I use LibreOffice 7.6.4. and 24.2 on WIndows 11

Perhaps somebody can help me?
Sorry about my horrible english.

GReeting from the North if Germany

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I am not sure to have understood your requirement. There are two ways to read it.

  • hierarchical list without dot separators:
1. level 1
  a) level 2
  b) level 2
    b[.]a) level 3 - number = combined levels 2+3 without dot in-between
    b[.]b) level 3
    b[.]b[.]a) level 4
  • special numbering in level 2+
1. level 1
  a) level 2
  b) level 2
    aa) level 3
    bb) level 3
      aaa) level 4

I am afraid that both are impossible.

In case 1, you can’t suppress the internal dot separator.

In case 2, the “a, …, aa, …, aaa, …” is a special way of counting with 26-long subsequences: you start at a until z, then aa, bb, … zz, then aaa, bbb, …
You could eventually force your schema using Format>Lists>Restart Numbering requesting restart at 26 for double-letters, 676 (=26×2) for triple-letters, 17576 (=263) for quadruple letters but it becomes quickly boring and error-prone. This is direct formatting which is a always source of problems. In addition your list must not be longer than 26 items.

Hi Susanne, do you want doubling the letter of the current level (version 1) or do you want the letters from current and previous levels without dot in between (version 2)?

Do you want version 1:

or do you want version 2:

Hi @Regina,
@Susanne wants version 1. I’m afraid it is only possible with manual entry (using a negative-indented paragraph).
I am also thinking about inserting a number range with duplication through cross-reference, but this is probably too complicated for OP. And anyway, you can’t restart a number range like you can with lists.


yes- i need Version 1.
@ajlittoz: Your idea with cross reference is good. I will try it.
I tried- it works! Then I use unorderet list and separate Paragraph styles.


There is no UI for it yet, but you can use whatever separator you want, including using no separator. There exists the new attribute loext:num-list-format of the <text:list-level-style-number> attribute. The label itself is written as level enclosed by %. For example %1%-%2% will result in A-1, if level 1 has capitals and level 2 has numbers. Using %2%%3% would result in A1 as requested in your first example of hierarchical without dot. But you need to do it in the file source.

The levels need to increase from right to left. So %2%%2% is not possible and therefore it cannot be used for your second example.


thats intresting.
It is in the styles.xml, when i create a list SusannesListeOhnepunkt: here its for level 3: it shoud be aa)
<text:list-level-style-number text:level=“3” text:style-name=“Numbering_20_Symbols” loext:num-list-format="%2%%3%)" style:num-suffix=")" style:num-format=“a” style:num-letter-sync=“true” text:display-levels=“2”>
<style:list-level-properties text:list-level-position-and-space-mode=“label-alignment”>
<style:list-level-label-alignment text:label-followed-by=“listtab” text:list-tab-stop-position=“2.54cm” fo:text-indent="-0.635cm" fo:margin-left=“2.54cm”/>

level4: i delete the dots and: WHOW - It works!!! thanks a lot !

Have you an Idea that it works in version 1?