specific settings in settings.xml without properties/options entry?

Background info: parameter UnbreakableNumberings=true is found to cause curious behaviour with graph positioning - see screenshots below.

I found that the above parameter defaults to false. Why/how it was set to true in some own documents is not traceable. Upon source code query I found an enum DocumentSettingId where a group of flags is marked as “COMPATIBILITY FLAGS” and then some other flags (DocumentSettingAccess.hxx). Some of those other flags, like EMBED(_USED)_FONTS are actually settable in File->Properties->Font.

However, when I invert all Compatibilty Options in Tools->Options->Libreoffice Writer->Compatibilty, the above parameter is not affected, as well as some other parameters, e.g. the enums SMALL_CAPS_PERCENTAGE_66 and CLIPPED_PICTURES.
When I set SmallCapsPercentage66 into settings.xml to true, then I indeed see smaller small caps.

UnbreakableNumberings=true (note the numbering under the anchor):

UnbreakableNumberings=false (the anchor is placed as intended, on the left text margin:

I’d appreciate any comment on this issue.

That would be a bug that should be filed appropriately.

I’m not sure whether it’s a bug or not. For sure (as I found out, e.g, here at ask.libreoffice), it’s primarily a lack of documentation. So I think that some more clarification is required before a bug is filed. Probably some parameters are part of the so called “advanced” options (I didn’t find them there).

You were told that it’s a bug (not having a UI for compatibility parameters). But of course, it’s up to you to look for more clarifications.