Specify the file type when using starDesktop.loadComponentFromURL

I have a macro that worked for years until the most recent Windows update, after which the type detection failed. Apparently, in the past it worked because the filename passed to the macro included the file extension .ods. (I just verified that that is still happening.) However, after the most recent Windows update, the type detection based on that extension started failing, and the macro would no longer do its job. Here are the first few lines of my macro. How can I modify it to open it with Calc without having to detect the file type?

option Explicit

Sub Log(sTemp as string, sSource as string, sDest as string)
	dim loadArgs(1) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
	dim oTempDoc as object
	dim oSourceDoc as object
	dim oCopyRange as object
	dim oPasteRange as object
	dim oContents(60000,11) as object
	dim oDiagram as object
	loadArgs(0).name = "Hidden"
	loadArgs(0).value = True
	loadArgs(1).name = "ReadOnly"
	loadArgs(1).value = False
	oTempDoc = starDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(convertToURL(sTemp), "_blank", 0, loadArgs())

I’m guessing it has something to do with adding something to my loadArgs(), but I have no idea what to add.

ChatGPT just gave me a couple options that look like they should work, but don’t. One was (as I suspected) to add another member to the loadArgs() array, with .Name = "DocumentType" and .Value = "calc8". I was unable to find any API documentation to substantiate either approach), but they both seem to me like they should work.

What he actually meant was .Name = "FilterName"

What about 5.8.2. Load A Document From A URL:
aArgs: Specify component or filter specific behavior. “ReadOnly” with a boolean value specifies whether the document is opened read-only. “FilterName” specifies the component type to create and the filter to use, for example: “scalc: Text - csv”.
Or 5.17.1. Filter names