Update on experiences using Dragon software In Libre Office:
I experience ongoing problems in libre office versions that are above
without going into exact detail here, the problems are related to editing live text.

Extraordinarily, I am dictating into this file here on this website with no problems at all!
Corrections and alterations no problem.

All of the version 5 point XXX have the editing problems inside LO.
So here is an interim temporary solution for everybody wanting to use the fantastic productivity of the vastly overpriced Dragon speech recognition software.
Earlier versions of the Dragon software all work very well with the exception of a little bit of speed performance.
Am always interested to hear from anybody with their specific experiences with Dragon and LO and any information with regard to hardcopy publishing experiences.

Well, it appears that only Apache Open Office works with Dragon voice-to-text well.
That IS sad as LOO for some reason displays beautifully on my displays and like an old VDU in Apache Open Office.
BUT the very poor integration to Libre makes it really unproductive to use Dragon in it.
So, my advice to any struggling user is to switch to Apache and just hope and pray that either:

  1. Apache OO learns to display like LOO.
  2. LOO learns to integrate with Dragon like Apache.

BTW: Dragon 14 seems to be able to work with with almost anything out there now - I’m using it here!

My workaround for this problem is just to use the native voice recognition available in Google Docs and then export the file to *.odt format for use in Libre.