Speech recognition

I’m a very loyal user of this program and I’ve come to you with this issue more than once. Speech recognition does not work. I am using a MacBook Pro, I’m using the native speech recognition that comes with the OSX, it’s working fine in other programs like pages, Microsoft word and it use to work in libre office but after the 4.2 or 4.5 update it stopped working.

I’ve made a ticket about this issue and never got a response. I’ve contacted you on Twitter and was told to make a ticket which I have already done. Finally someone on Twitter did contact me (yesterday/today) saying that it is working in the current version. I am using your current version and it does not work so how do we fix this?

I understand your software is free, I promote your application on my website as well as my email list of over 3000 I’ve gotten more than 20 people to donate $10 or more for your application all I’m asking for is a little assistance

Hi Greg,
Same problem with MS Windows 10 and full Dragon Professional. It is a problem peculiar to LibreOffice Version 5.
I went back to V 4.2. and it works.

Gosh, this question dates back to 2015… I’m answering it in the hope other will know that as for LO on a Mac OS 10.13, speech recognition works fine. I just tested and confirmed.