Spell check / custom dictionary / Replace by

I just installed LO (x64) and for some reason, I’m finding that I have to rebuild my custom dictionary. (I write fiction and the custom dictionary contains character names, made up places, unique spellings, etc)
When I add a word like Syd (short for Sydney, a name) I have relied on the “Grammar By” now called “Replace By” in my custom dictionary. But I’ll be darned if I can find a list of the terns I should use to have Spell Check accept Syd’s instead of having to install possessives for names, trademarks, etc.
Any help?

Not clear what the problem is. You can’t add Syd’s to the dictionary or what? What is that “Grammar By”? A third-party program? Then ask their support.

In LO 7.0, the feature is called “Replace By” and is part of the program (earlier versions called it “Grammar By”). It is available ONLY in custom dictionaries that are tagged with (-) exception. But I get why maybe you haven’t noticed it; there is almost nothing about it in this forum, or elsewhere online.

In my example, yes, I can just go ahead and add all the capitalized versions, plural versions possessive versions, etc as individual word. But the nice thing about “Replace By” is that you need only enter the single root word, then in the “Replace By” box, enter the type of word it is. I have used it successfully and happily in every version where it existed, until this version 7.0.

Now, for some reason, Writer just puts words in a dictionary (a check confirms the words go into Standard dictionary) and the option to select my custom one is not offered. I have added (manually) nonsense word in my custom dictionary and spell check doesn’t recognize them.

I just want to know why.

I see, but still can’t understand what you are trying to achieve. If you want Syd’s to be accepted (do you?), why adding to an exception dictionary, not to a regular custom dictionary?

I would think of creating a second main dictionary. It is a bit cumbersome but pays off in long term (I guess, writing novels is a long-term work).

you need only enter the single root word

That’s incorrect, you have to add every inflected word form to an exception dictionary, just like a regular dictionary (you may not realize it because of using a language with a low level of inflection).

added … nonsense word … and spell check doesn’t recognize them.

I can’t reproduce with LO or Show your setup of writing aids.

P. S. I think, very few people use exception dictionaries, hence not so much info here.

I use exception dictionaries because I don’t want to encumber a standard dictionary with made up made-up terms, slang words, or names that pepper my fiction. Perhaps if I wrote only for the New York Times, it wouldn’t matter.

Perhaps someone else, hopefully with experience using the “Replace By” section of spell check, will reply with advise.

But do you understand what the exception dictionaries are designed for? They include words to be avoided, even when such words are spelled correctly. For example, you want to avoid shit in your text and to replace it with, say, feces. You add a respective entry. Then shit will be marked as a wrong word (although spelled correctly!) and feces will be always suggested as a replacement.

However, the goal as described in your question is:

to have Spell Check accept Syd’s

Which means, Syd’s should be added to a regular dictionary. If you don’t want to use the standard dictionary, create a second user dictionary.

Trying to explain my dilemma to you is like talking to the wall. Thanks for trying.