Spell check hangs when "ignore all" is clicked on

I am using Version: (x64) of Libre office. When I am using spell check and when it finds “decr” I click on ignore all and it will hang up. It also does it when it comes across “dec” and I click on ignore all. Both are abbreviations that I want to leave in the document. It does not hang when I choose “ignore once” only when I choose “ignore all” and only on that abbreviation not any others. Is there a way I can fix this? I don’t want to add them to the dictionary because it would create problems for other types of documents.

If you can’t fix this spellchecker issue, here is a work around.

Create a character style named Abbreviation (or any other name of your taste). Go to Font tab and set Language to None. Don’t set any other attribute to avoid undesired formatting unless you want your abbreviations to stand out surrounding text, e.g. make them italics, bold or different font face. In any case, don’t change the font case, that is: don’t ever click on any size.

Select your abbreviated words and apply this Abbreviation character style to them. This will put them outside spell-checking reach.

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Thank you for your response. It took me a little while to figure out where the Character style was. The paragraph style was on when the window popped up and I didn’t realize it and I ended up changing the whole paragraph. I eventually figured out where the character style was. I had to highlight the word “dec” when creating the style before changing font and language. So it worked for “dec” avoiding in spell check. Do I have to set up another character style for “decr” as well?

No, apply the same character style to all your abbreviations. The great advantage appears clearly if you want to change all your abbreviations to “red”: you change the character style and all abbreviations become red without the need to track them individually.

So if you’re not satisfied with your choice of font face, you change it in the style and it’s done.

You can easily apply that style by first using Search/Replace (Ctrl+H), tick Whole words, select Find all, close the dialog box, apply the style to the selected text. Repeat for all abbreviations.

You can create a custom dictionary for abbreviations and add them to that dictionary. You can then use that dictionary for all documents where you use those abbreviations. If you write fiction, you can create a custom dictionary for all persons’ names in a book, only for that book.