Spell check using Muli fonts anyone?

Hi Guys,

i have run into a strange LibreOffice Writer behavior in connection with Muli font (Muli Font Free by Vernon Adams » Font Squirrel) – the automatic spell checker doesn’t work at all?

I.e. I have created a document with Muli as the standard font, automatic spell check enabled, a few typos in the document – nothing gets marked as wrong spelling. Changed font to e.g. Arial – automatic spell check works.

Tried the same with MS Word, spell check works with Muli (and Arial).

Anyone run into the same issue?

Muli does not show spelling errors in my installation either. I suspect there is something wrong/incompatible with the font.

I installed the static versions of Mulish - Google Fonts (designers include Vernon Adams), increased line spacing to 135% and increased kerning to 0.2 and it looks pretty much the same except it shows spelling errors and also it includes more variations from Extralight to Extrabold. Personally, I would abandon Muli and move to Mulish.