Spell checker not working on LibreOffice Version

Spell checker not working on.
Example is: in Writer. If type gooood (which is not a word) Writer will only change the g to a G and not question, the wrong spelling. (some writer changes gooood to Gooood)

LibreOffice Version Build ID 1:6.0.3-0ubuntu1 Running on Xubuntu 18.04 32bit & Lunbuntu 18.04 32bit
Do I need to download a UK English Dictionary? (As I am in the UK)

I also use LibreOffice on Windows and that working 100% ok.

So I did a compare between Xubuntu & Windows 10, using LibreOffice.
What I found under Writing Aids is:
Windows had User-defined dictionaries
en-GB [English (UK)]
en-US [English (USA)]
technical [All]
IgnoreAllList [All]

While Xubuntu had
Windows had User-defined dictionaries
technical [All]
IgnoreAllList [All]

So going on the above information. I guessing I need to download and install, en-GB [English (UK)] and the
en-US [English (USA)] Dictionaries.

If this is correct, can someone please tell how? (what to download, where to download and how to install)
If it is not correct, then please tell me, what I need to do please.



If your guess is right, go to:

Or go to the download section of the LibreOffice site and download the English (GB) langpack (it’s more than a dictionary, includes also GUI).

The Windows install file comes with a full set of dictionaries for all, or pretty much all available languages, and probably full language packs as well. If that’s true for Linux versions as well, all you have to do is run the install program again and select Custom install, then select any languages that you want dictionaries for.

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