spellcheck in LO6.07.3

Despite several attempt to fix this problem, looking at several questions here, spellcheck for Writer will not work for me at all. I have checked:

the Language settings in Base and Writer, both correct
statusbar language settings, set to English (Ireland), that’s fine but…

then this: I cannot get it to fix on my language settings:

image description

Select the (entire) text and choose the required language using the selector in the status bar. Does it help?

Set your language in Tools | Options | Language Settings | Languages ,Default Languages for Documents, Western: English (Ireland) which has a tick with ABC above it [for spell checking].

Your spell checker says None for languages which means Do Not Check Spelling. Select all the text (Ctrl+A) in your document, then click in menu Tools | Language | For All Text | English (Ireland). You should be able to spell check then. Cheers, Al

@gabix: no this does not solve it.

@EarnestAl: I have tried both of those and still no go:

Read this tutorial.

I did. I have now switched to English (UK) which does not have a tick but an A next to it in the menu that drops down from the Font submenu modifying the Default Style. The spellcheck now works, thank you. I need now to find an English (Ireland) dictionary.

I suppose that you have clicked the Options button in the Spelling dialog and made sure that you have the correct dictionaries ticked, especially “standard [All]”. It looks as though you can Add a dictionary from there

Yes Al, I did. English (UK) works for me. Would prefer English (Ireland) but hey, such as it has ever been.

I’ve been using English (UK) for so long that I didn’t realise there was now a English (New Zealand) dictionary but I probably won’t change now.

English (Ireland) but hey, such as it has ever been.

Why, it is here. And (in case of Windows) there is some dictionary available. Try searching in the extensions.