Spellchecker not working in new install of Linux Mint 18 and LibtreOffic

We have three Linux Mint machines here, all running LinuxMint 18 and Libre Offcie Not one of the machines has a working spell checker!!
I have just done a brand new install of linux Mint 18 on a machine and the spell checker WONT work with that either
Here is the interesting thing, I have just booted from an old hard drive with LinuxMint 17.3 and LibreOffice and the spell checker works just fine.

I am about to reinstall Mint 17.3 on my desktop to see if it works out from the box.

------Two hours later -----------------

just started the machine up with, now with Mint 17.3 and LibraOffice reinstalled and it all works a treat, spell checker is just fine.

I’ve had something similar happen - and I found this somewher on the net which worked for me

SPELLCHECK – this may not work unless you install:-

sudo apt-get install myspell-en-us


sudo apt-get install myspell-en-gb


  • Menu / Tools/ Language/ For Selection/ Choose English (*).

Menu /
Tools/ Language/ For Paragraph/
Choose English (*).

Menu / Tools/ Language/ For all Text/ Choose English (*).