Spelling language remove?

Hello Team,

Help me please!!! How to turn off completely Russian for spelling, I do not use Russian only USA but app always try to check only in Russian… my mind is crack here!!!

Denis K

You forgot to mention your OS (apparently Windows, but which version?), your local language (the one configured for your OS, likely to be en_US) and LO version.

That said, Tools>Options, Language Settings>Languages is correctly configured for en_US. Though ru dictionary and spelling checker is loaded (according to the displayed icon: it has a check mark), it shouldn’t come in the way.

Have you modified Default Style paragraph style Font tab to force Russian? Have you right-clicked in the bottom status bar language indicator to change to Russian? Is the default template configured for Russian?

Eventually attach a short offending file to your question for further analysis.

In case you need clarification, edit your question (not an answer) or comment the relevant answer/comment.

I have installed en_US Windows 10 version.
Paragraph style also set to English (USA).


Looks like I fix it via changing Past Special, use Unformatted Text and all works fine.

Denis K